The author/developer

I've been tinkering and developing software in one form or another since my family first purchased a computer in the early 2000s. My passion for software engineering started with Visual Basic and lead me down a path where today I seem to exclusively build Java/Node CRUD apps with various RPC-over-HTTP calls sprinkled in. In my personal time, I tinker with more statistical analysis and recreating products I find interesting on a smaller scale with languages such as Scheme (this site formerly ran on Guile Scheme). Professionally, I have worked in a variety of environments on projects ranging from federal/state contracts for GIS visualization, satellite orbit approximations, Medicare ETL processing to cross-platform mobile applications, corporate media portals, and contract management software. 

The author/human

In my personal life, I am an amatuer fitness enthusiast and general geek. I have particular interest in games of strategy and tactics with the exception of Settlers of Catan. Otherwise, I live a private life and have a limited public life outside of a select company of friends. 

The website/why

The purpose of this website is to create a simple way for me to micro-blog my thoughts. The system is a simple HTML render and all of my entries listed. JQuery is the only viewer visible javascript dependency and as a result, this website has a remarkably low foot-print while remaining functional. While many sites can benefit from the dazzling elements of a React or Angular front-end, less is more when dealing with a a simple feature.