Delays and updates

2022-03-30 07:35:09


I recently stepped away from my previous role as a software engineering consultant.  It wasn't how I wanted things to happen, but it was the path of minimal damage to all parties involved.  Needless to say, I'm stressed and somewhat concerned about my future!  That said, I'm going to take this week slow and begin to work on trying to do some virtual house cleaning!

Future Plans

I need to create a more mobile friendly editor for this site so I can blog more on the go! I think that the easiest solution would be a markdown translation layer in order to support mobile devices.  Additionally, a method for handling images would allow me to share more efficiently!  I'll begin working on that this week.  Pylon is on a more or less indefinite hiatus while I get my life in order.  I do plan on resuming it soon but I am trying to get into graduate school currently so that is taking top priority!

A Needed Vacation

This week is primarily going to be spent working on trying to unwind.  I have been trying to focus on sleeping in and catching up with friends.  I am also moving across the state to be closer to family in the next few months!

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