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2022-04-11 18:27:05

So I Saw a Really Awful Film

To say that my disappointment is immeasurable would be an insult to how excessive and yet phoned-in the performances of the cast in this train wreck of a cinema piece are because I can absolutely measure the lack of quality in what may be the last role Jim Carrie takes in his long and impressive career.  What went wrong?  The budget seems stretched and the effect quality is scattered much like the plot of what should have an easily charted line from prologue to conclusion.  Maybe the intellectual property owners meddled a little too much to make tie-ins for merchandising opportunities? Maybe Jim Carrie simply had no interest in the film but needed a paycheck? Perhaps the "thank you for watching the film the way it was meant to be watched—in theaters" suggested a lack of polish expecting a streaming release?

Respect the Audience

All-ages cinema is meant to respect the audience from children to the adults tempted by a four dollar ticket thanks to their cellular provider.  I expect a moral message and appropriate humor for children and at least some semblance of a plot and drama for the older audience to keep focused while sitting in a dark, climate-controlled room for two and a half hours.  I am unsure what the moral message of this film is meant to be after watching it and reading multiple plot synopses to ensure I had the general gist of the story.  While the movie orbits a message about friendship, fair play, and respecting parental authority, the main character, our titular character never receives comeuppance for disobedience or even consequences that last from scene to scene.  Not unlike another recent movie tarnished by the need to look at the camera and say what the audience should feel, Batman, The (2022), the closest attempt to showing the audience that sometimes older figures and parents have good intentions or more experience is subverted in less than 15 seconds as one scene ends and all possible consequences are undone.  I can only assume some vulgar pervert worked on this film given the amount of toilet humor which I find low-brow even for children's films.

The Green Screen of Death

Jim Carrie carried the previous film in this series.  Perhaps his presence was so great that this movie felt the need to take it to the logical conclusion when Carrie spends the last act of the film in front of a green screen with virtually no interaction with any prop or other character.  I am disappointed by this approach but it was likely a cost-saving measure given the overhead of three computer generated animals appearing in nearly every scene of the film.  It is a sad note that Carrie's likely final on-screen appearance will be rewarded as his most profitable despite how wretched it is to the observer.

Live-Action Dragonball Redux

The film wears the skin of its predecessor while having an end sequence akin to the rancid live-action Dragonball Evolution (2009) that I suspect came from having no clear way to wrap up the plot after going off the rails from any established precedent in the long-running game series that the film derives itself characters from.  Eggman obtains the master emerald and becomes Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four (2015) with an awful speech synthesizer and 2000's era video game lightning effects to boot.  This energized Eggman proceeds to build a giant robot with his mind and recycled tornado effects which is incredibly slow, vulnerable to damage, and lit from a different direction that the natural light of the sun in the the scenes it lives within.  Through means which occur off-screen, Knuckles (voiced by the ever-talented Idris Elba) enters this robot and punches the master ring-pop out of Jim Carrie's stunt double before Sonic becomes a super-saiyan and destroys the world-ending threat established mere minutes prior.  There is no great resolution or explanation of why or how Sonic used the master emerald but at this point I cannot say it matters.

The Good

Despite pacing issues, mediocre special effects, and a questionable performance by Jim Carrie, there are good moments in the film.  As previously mentioned, Idris Elba's performance as Knuckles is wonderful and draws great inspiration from many different takes on the character as well as a rare knack for voice acting so often missing from traditional acting careers.  In his brief appearance in the film, Shemar Moore shows a natural affinity to the action sitcom and I hope to see him in something other than a crime drama in the near future.  While I feel that I overpaid at a paltry four dollars, this is a good movie for a night with the family on a streaming service if you have dinner to cook or some other distraction.

Overall 4/10


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